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Growth in the world’s population and increasing migration to major cities will place ever more strain on cities’ transport networks, as the commuting population for public transport will undoubtedly increase. At the same time, mobility in urban areas is an important facilitator for growth, employment and sustainable development.

In a global economy, where cities compete for investment and talent, it is not only the quantity, but the quality of transport that matters. Efficient and effective urban transport can significantly contribute to achieving various objectives, namely energy savings, environment protection or socio-economic factors. Efficient transport can attract economic activity to cities and boost productivity by improving connectivity and reducing time lost to travel.

Worldwide, transportation companies are called to meet more stringent passenger demand for punctuality and better and faster transportation service, facing the pressure for network expansion and the need for product flexibility, while cutting operating costs and maximising revenues.

One of the key factors to achieve transport efficiency is the optimisation of resources. 
For more than 30 years, SISCOG has been combining generic and client-specific knowledge, incorporating experience,  research & innovation and mobility industry trends, to design optimisation resource scheduling and management solutions for the transportation cluster.



In the 1980s, João Pavão Martins and Ernesto Morgado, both Fulbright Scholars holding PhDs in Artificial Intelligence from State University of New York at Buffalo (USA), decided to combine scientific knowledge, cutting-edge technology and practical know-how and apply it to the rail business.
Together, they created a key player in the rail and metro operations software market. Today, SISCOG ranks high in the world for rail scheduling systems and keeps expanding to new markets.

Working hand-in-hand with clients, sharing successes and responsibilities, true partnerships are embedded in our culture and are the key to the successful development of our projects. Our continuous quest to enhance our solutions and excel in product quality and service, supported by a highly professional and competent team, is constantly driven by SISCOG’s core values – Client Commitment, Innovation, Excellence, Trust and Respect.


SISCOG’s Integrated Management System includes the principles of the Quality and the Research, Development and Innovation standards (ISO 9001 and NP EN 4457, respectively).

We allocate significant resources to Innovation enhancements powered by our R&D devoted departments.


Productivity is one of the greatest challenges facing
transportation companies
. SISCOG increases it by using
a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Operations
Research techniques, offering state-of-the-art optimisation

Global recognition for our unique optimisation solutions have resulted in numerous and prestigious awards, such as

Best Practice Paper Award” at CASPT, Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport, for a paper co-developed with the Dutch Railway (NS), “Security crew scheduling at Netherlands Railways”.

2012, 2003 and 1997
Innovation Application Award” by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (former American Association for Artificial Intelligence), the most prestigious scientific organisation in the field worldwide.

Honourable mention for the CREWS Real-time Dispatcher product in the “Innovation Awards COTEC-Unicer”.

Medal of merit by the “Computerworld Honors Program” and qualification among the top five contributions in the transportation category.   



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