Investment were made towards infrastructure modernisation, creating a better work environment and allowing for new recruitments

After 3 months of adaptation work, the area of SISCOG's offices in Lisbon, at Campo Grande, was increased to 1600m2. With this new configuration, the company has more meeting rooms and increased and modernised its communication systems, namely at the level of videoconferences, very useful for meetings and product demonstrations, especially with its international clients.

More common and informal spaces were also created, and the kitchen and meal areas were expanded to increase the comfort of the facilities. With this expansion, SISCOG’s office in Lisbon has increased its capacity by more than 60%, having now space for 200 people.

Ernesto Morgado, SISCOG Administrator and co-founder, said that this expansion was due to "the need to offer more and better working conditions to employees and increase the space to be able to recruit more people. In terms of work we also felt the need to add more communication tools in order to facilitate and improve the interaction at a distance with current and potential clients, scoring points here as well in terms of sustainability and environmental protection by reducing the need for travel."


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