Company sponsors the Congress of the Portuguese Operations Research Association (APDIO), which will take place from June 28-30, in Valenša

In addition to sponsoring the event, SISCOG will present a paper about the challenge of optimising the planning of commercial lines of rail passenger transport operators.

IO 2017 is an important congress in the area of Operations Research, bringing together professionals, researchers, teachers and students from different countries. This congress, held every two years, is a unique opportunity to learn through the exchange of experiences and sharing of knowledge in an area that intersects with the branches of mathematics, management, engineering and other sciences.

SISCOG will be represented at this Congress by Carlos Iglésias, an optimisation specialist, who will present on June 29, at 3:30 pm, a paper entitled "Solving large-scale railway line planning problems using a genetic algorithm". With this presentation, SISCOG will announce how it solved the problem of a major European railway operator, which is an important step in the process of generating the commercial offer of passenger railways.

Also present at the APDIO Congress, Ricardo Saldanha, Director of Innovation of SISCOG, says that this congress "is of enormous importance for us. First, because it is the largest national event on Operations Research, and this branch of applied mathematics is one of the scientific areas in which SISCOG is most committed to in making its products more competitive. And secondly, because in terms of optimisation the innovations that SISCOG has introduced in its offer are based either on its own ideas or ideas from various scientific communities, including Operations Research. In that sense, we are very pleased to support a community that has given us so much and we do it in two ways: sharing knowledge and sponsoring the event.”


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