09-11-2017: SISCOG optimises MEDWAY’s operation
MEDWAY chooses SISCOG to develop a resource scheduling and management system

SISCOG, the software company specialised in solutions for optimised resource scheduling and management in transportation companies, was chosen by MEDWAY to deliver a scheduling and management solution for its locomotives and crew.

MEDWAY, formerly known as CP Carga, the Portuguese freight railway now part of the MSC group, is the largest private logistics and freight transport operator in the Iberian market, will now be able to easily optimise the scheduling and management of its operation. The system provided by SISCOG, based on its FLEET and CREWS products, will ensure decision support to MEDWAY’s operations, covering all phases from a strategic and long-term level to the day of operation.

The work of MEDWAY’s drivers and support staff will also be optimised by the system’s proven capabilities, while web communications between crew and planners regarding locomotive and staff plans and performed work is facilitated through the system. This includes for example, access to the vehicles working plan, access to staff working hours, and the possibility of correcting work done or requesting absences. 

Carlos Vasconcelos, MEDWAY’s Executive Board Chairman, says this project is “part of our goal to become the leading cargo operator in Iberia, which can only be accomplished with the focus on innovation, sustainability and modernisation, and we believe SISCOG has the skills and experience to help us achieving this goal".

SISCOG thus sees its client base extended and enriched with a rail freight operator. According to Ernesto Morgado, SISCOG’s Co-founder and Chairman, "the possibility of developing this project makes us extremely proud as we will be able to contribute so that another company, operating in Portugal but with international ambitions, is able to provide the most efficient service possible to its clients."



MEDWAY is a land logistics operator working in Portugal, resulting from the privatisation of CP Carga – Logística e Transportes Ferroviários de Mercadorias SA. With a fleet of 60 locomotives (34 electric and 26 diesel) and 2917 railcars, the company covers a great part of the Portuguese territory through the national rail network. MEDWAY is part of MSC, the 2nd largest container shipping company in the world.

More information at www.medway.com



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