Celebrating 30 years

Celebrating 30 years of a sweet adventure

"Thirty years have gone by swiftly. Sometimes like a gentle breeze, other times resembling strong winds that put our resilience to test.
One thing we feel is that it has been an adventure – from the early years when our vision was only understood by a few and we relied on nothing but a hand-full of people, to the dotcom bubble burst of the 2000’s when we were mistaken for a common and risky IT company, and nowadays where almost 140 of us face intense competition and an ever so changing and demanding market. 
Many have made part of the journey with us. Others have been with us the whole way until today. All of them – former and current employees, clients, suppliers and partners - have made incommensurable contributions to what SISCOG is today. 
We are so very proud.
And we couldn´t have achieved it without them. A heartfelt thank you!
We rejoice with these thirty years, but raise our eyes and mind to the next thirty. Our continuous quest to enhance our solutions, expand our client portfolio and excel in product and service, demands nothing less than to preserve SISCOG’s core values – Client Commitment, Innovation, Excellence, Trust and Respect.
We will continue working so that together, as in these last three decades, our people, our clients, our suppliers and partners, will keep SISCOG an innovative, healthy and sustainable company in the many years still to come."
Ernesto Morgado, Chairman and Founding Partner
João Pavão Martins, Chairman and Founding Partner



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